Ok, so you have a killer website. Are you telling anybody about it and are you getting any traffic to it.

Most web design companies focus on website design only, with a few offering hosting. Seldom does a web design company get involved with marketing. At 3 Geeks Web Design we not only offer hosting services, but we will assist you with marketing to a limited degree. That degree being submission to the major search engines.

It used to be years ago, that if you submitted to the engines, you would get good placement automatically. That is not the case today. With millions of websites out there, it is extremely difficult to achieve good ranking. The more generic your product the more difficult it is. The search engines are intentionally making it harder and harder to get good placement, especially if you are asking them to do it for free. The search engines change their submission parameters weekly, if not monthly, thereby making it more difficult each passing day to get listed.

If you have unlimited resources, you can spend thousands of dollars per month getting good rankings on a particular engine. But since there are literally thousands of engines out there, we refuse to pay to be on any particular engine. It simply gets to be a bidding war for ranking.


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